I am a Norwegian art model, among other things.

I love dark erotica, surreal visions and pictures that tell a story.

I have worked with photographers such as Gary Breckheimer, Aaron Hawks, Paulina Otylie Surys, Daria Endresen, Mark Sink and many more..

Contact: ymsenE@gmail.com



Juxtapoz Magazine Feb-16

Normal Magazine N6

Snoecks Magazine, 2015

Hank3 Hellbetty Calendar 2015

Skin Magazine Issue 10 2014/09

Emaho Magazine, July 2014

ISSUU: 2014

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Eyemazing summer 2010 issue, 

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In the Picture: Consouling Store, Gent. Daria Endresen

Broken Mirriors, Jena. Torsten Solin

"Fallen England" Nue Gallery, Paris. Paulina Otylie Surys

"Unique Editions", IFA Gallery, Brussels.

Fotografiets Dag. Horten

"The Absolute Elsewhere". The Arts Centre, NC.

Tame the monsters in your mind, Berlin.

Broken Mirrors, Berlin.

Le Quatorze, Caen.

"Flower Face", Byers Evans House, Denver CO.

"Paris", Rooftop Gallery, Bangkok.

"Paris", Jiro Miura Gallery, Tokyo.

"Les Baisers", Bruxelles.

"On the Edge 2", San Fransisco, CA.

"Deux Vues Nues", Skotia Gallery, Culver City, CA.

Alexandre Gertsman Contemporary Gallery, New York.

The Gallery Soho, London. "Desire"

Galerie La Cymaise, Paris.

Kulturhuset in Norway,

Cyan:Studio, Oslo.

Preus Museum, Horten.

Rock am Sogn, Oslo.